What we Avoid

You check labels, you hear the buzz about certain additives. You are not alone. Never before have so many people been so concerned about what they put into their body. Things we try to avoid is why NuManna was founded. If you are what you eat, then try to eat the best you can.


The controversy over genetically altered food is just getting started.
In our opinion the initial research has created more questions and concerns than answers. Altered protein synthesis can’t help but affect the one doing the synthesizing. In this case it is you and I. NuManna works very hard to certify our ingredients are GMO Free. We have even gone as far as do DNA testing to verify what suppliers have told us. Our standard buckets are GMO Free.

No Aspartame:

Aspartame is often used as a sugar substitute. NuManna will pass. With all the reactions and side effects we have heard about, we would not want out children to eat a lot of this stuff and so we don’t want it in our storable food either. It is made by culturing bacteria, so no thanks.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup:

Because of the excessive chemicals sprayed on GMO crops High Fructose Corn Syrup has shown traces of mercury in them. It has been shown to be very hard on the pancreas and especially hard for small children to process and utilize.

No Added MSG:

Because of the FDA’s definition of mono-sodium, it is increasing difficult to label foods NO MSG. If a recipe has cheese or tomatoes in it then, according to the FDA, you cannot say it is MSG Free.

What we can promise is this:

You will not see added chemical MSG in our ingredient lists.

No Chemical Preservatives:

There is a lot of science and art that goes into making a recipe store well without using chemicals to stabilize it. NuManna uses master blenders who have combined specific ingredients in a way to ensure quality over time. The packaging is of the highest standards. 5 mil over-engineered bags keep out any oxygen or light and the oxygen absorbers in the bag ensure the recipes are extremely well cared for.
Add some Sea Salt and our food will stand the test of time.

No Soy:

Because of estrogen mimickers and hormone manipulation concerns Soy is something some want to avoid. Combine these concerns with the allergies associated with Soy and it is just an ingredient we didn’t want to put into NuManna. You also won’t find any “plastic meat” like TVP or other Soy derived meat-like ingredients. NuManna meals are Soy Free.


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