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Being Prepared and being Free go hand in hand. Oathkeepers is a big advocate of having some basic necessities on hand in case of emergency. NuManna food not only one of the best, if not the best storable food around, they have been there for us when we have needed them. The People of NuManna believe in what is important to us and are willing to back it up.

NuManna meals have no added MSG, no aspartame or high fructose corn syrup. They are GMO-Free and are convenient for almost any situation. There are a variety of packages to choose from and other preparedness supplies to help you feel more secure. We built this website to give our OathKeepers the chance to consider making some basic preparations for what is ahead. Help your family and help OathKeepers at the same time.

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Jason Van Tatenhove

I have been involved with the Oath Keepers ever since Bundy Ranch, during my tenure with this group I have had the honor to serve shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest heroes and patriots of our generation. There have been a few companies that stepped up with us and donated food and equipment to help the cause. While at Bundy Ranch I remember first trying Numana food because they were one of those companies that walked the walk and donated food for the folks that were boots on the ground. They are now preparing to send food to the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, III%, PPN and the Oath Keepers that are on location there in Burns, Oregon. If you believe in the cause of freedom and maintain our constitutional rights than it is vital you help support the good people that are standing up and saying no more free Waco’s. You can donate directly through Numana foods and send food, water, milk etc. to those true American Heroes.


Also with every purchase you make through this website a substantial portion of your purchase price goes directly to supporting the Oath Keeper and the good work they are doing everyday.


I honestly believe that the work that Oath Keepers is doing is essential to retaining our great American way of life and our God given rights. Please help us to continue doing this work while at the same time adding to the food preparedness of your own family. This is a win win situation for you and your family and the patriot movement.

God Bless and Thank you for your support,

Jason Van Tatenhove

National Media Director, Oath Keepers

Bundy Ranch

In April of 2014 true Americans everywhere became aware of the Bundy Family’s dispute with the BLM in Bunkerville, Nevada. People rallied around the Ranch and came to show support for Bundy to exercise his Rights and protect his family heritage. The first company to arrive at the ranch was NuManna. While some companies stood idly by NuManna took donations and NuManna provided Food buckets to the militia men and Bundy Family. Food is Freedom and NuManna is a company which practices and supports Liberty wherever it can. “When our family was in need, it was the American people that stepped up from all over our great country to support us. When we stood up for our freedom we felt that the entire nation was standing with us. We have received so much and for that our family and the men who came here to defend us, thank you. One company, NuManna Food Storage, came personally to the Ranch on several occasions to bring supplies.The founders of NuManna have shown to be true patriots concerned for our country and liberty. I want to thank them and commend them and encourage anybody looking for storable foods to consider NuManna Food Storage. I support NuManna because of the quality of their product and because they support Liberty.You can be assured the Bundy family has NuManna in our pantry.” – Cliven Bundy


When Oath Keepers go on operations, one of our biggest needs is supplies. The logistics of managing these supplies is significant. Our partnership with NuManna her at the Oathpreppers site helps us in three ways.

1. Our community gets good supplies they will need for their personal families in emergencies and/or a time of need.

2. A good percentage of each purchase goes directly to Oath Keepers to help with hard costs of daily operation.

3. By going to the SUPPLIES FOR OATHKEEPERS section you can purchase dollars amounts of food that will be shipped directly to operations around the country. This is a simple and reliable way that the men and women who stand with Oathkeepers can have quality and convenient supplies on our operations.


A $36.00 value for only $19.95.


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