Like many other organizations NuManna began with a quest. Our Founders were interested in long term storable food. Stocking up in case of emergency and for food rotation was important to them. They tried what was available at the time and were disappointed. Chemically filled recipes didn’t taste all that good, and Genetically Modified Ingredients were things they avoided, especially for their children. They asked themselves if there was anything better. The sad answer was no.

Through more investigation they decided they could do better. Through trial and error they produced an easy to fix meal free of ingredients like Aspartame they were already avoiding. The meals were also GMO Free and tasted really good. In 2011 NuManna was born. What started out as a Mom and Pop operation out of their basement has become a National brand setting the pace in innovation and quality. The NuManna mission then, just as it is today, is to provide the best products possible to this industry.


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