About Numanna

The NuManna Food Storage family has been concerned about preparedness and self-sufficiency for most of our lives. We had built a store of bulk supplies but wanted something easier, more flexible and tastier for our shelves. There were many options for easy-to-fix meals but most of them did not meet the high standards we had set for our home. It was important to avoid excessive chemicals and Genetically Modified ingredients. In summary, our family wanted something healthy as well as tasty, that was easy to store and prepare but good enough to eat now or in the future.

Unlike many other brands NuManna is a food company first. Secondly, we used superior blending, packaging and formulation to make it store long term. Today, we feel NuManna has accomplished our goal and undoubtedly has become a pioneer in the process. We are proud to offer some of the best long term storable meals you could buy at the greatest overall value.

NuManna packages have been put together based on the feedback of our great customers. The buckets have a low percentage of breakfast and zero sugary drink mix. The meals are put into 5 mm over-engineered bags and an oxygen absorber to ensure true 25+ year shelf life. Each bag is convenient and includes a resealable top. The buckets are high quality with a handle and easy-stack bottom. The NuManna difference is in the taste. Taste, quality, value, customer service and health are more than catch phrases with us. The formula is simple… First rate ingredients, master formulations and superior packaging creates the best storable food.

Please let us know how we can help, how we have surprised you and most certainly if we have disappointed you in any way. Your family’s preparedness is our passion. Prepare Well with NuManna today.


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